We have 10 themed competitions from January to October. Most printed, some projected.

  • Jan 23rd      Winter on the Street. (Printed)
  • Feb 27th    Your choice. (Projected)
  • Mar 27th     Human portraiture (Mono). (Printed)
  • April 24th    WOW(Printed)
  • May 22nd   Signs of spring. (Projected)
  • June 26th   Land or Sea, up to me. (Printed)
  • July 24th    The little things. (Printed)
  • Aug 28th    Architecture. (Projected)
  • Sept 25th   Perfect timing. (Printed)
  • Oct 23rd     Disappearing Ireland. (Printed)


Our Committee

Chairperson - Una Finn

Vice Chair - Catherine Sheehan

Secretary - Sinéad Hickey

Assist Sec - Ger Dorgan

Treasurer - John Meade

Assist Treasurer - Catherine Spillane

PRO's - Battie & Helen Arnold

Members Area