Outside Catering

Take Out Menu
10th August 2017
Cake Price List
23rd February 2018
  • Cold Buffets and Sandwich Platters

    Our cold buffets are the perfect choice for any kind of celebration or get together, simply choose up to 6 fillings from our sandwich choices and up to 10 mouth- watering choices (depending on guest numbers) from our savoury selection, for an amazing £4.95 per head (extra choices can be added for a small charge depending on the number of guests) 

  • Pricing and Additional Information

    • per head (additional chargers may apply) £4.95

    All prices are inclusive of plates, cutlery, napkins and banqueting roll for the buffet table. Buffets of 100 people or more include a waitress to serve/clear within the price, smaller buffets may be subject to a small charge. 

    Dishes and Prices are dependant on number of guests, all can be discussed and clarified over the phone: 0151 649 0004

  • Sandwich Selection

    • Cheese Mix (V) 
    • Tuna & Mayo 
    • Beef & Horseradish 
    • Pork & Apple, Sausage 
    • Egg Mayo (V) 
    • Coronation Chicken 
    • Turkey, Stuffing & Cranberry 
    • Sausage, Onion & Mustard Mayo 
    • Ham 
    • Sweet Chilli Chicken 
    • Brie & Cranberry (V) 
    • Chicken, Bacon & Mayo 
    • Ham & Pickle 
    • Grape &Stilton (V) 
    • Feta & Sundried Tomato (V) 
  • Savoury Selection

    • Mini Pizza Bites (V) 
    • Beef Shish Kebabs 
    • Mixed Custini (V) 
    • BBQ Chicken Wings 
    • Tricolore Kebabs (V) 
    • Mini Beef filled Yorkies
    • Quiche (V) 
    • Ham and Cheese Croissants 
    • Chilli Prawn Bites 
    • Southern Fried Chicken Wraps 
    • Mixed Salad Bowls (V) 
    • Homemade Potato Salad 
    • Crispy Asian Platter 
    • Cheesy Rolls 
    • Mini Cornish Pasties 
    • Gala Pie 
    • Ham and Salmon Roulades 
    • Mini Toad in the Hole 
    • Tandoori Chicken Sticks 
    • Chicken Drummers 
    • Dips with Crudites and Savoury Straws (V) 
    • "Fully Loaded" Pizza
    • Coronation Chicken/ Egg Naan (V) 
    • Cocktail Sausage & Chicken Nugget Platter 
    • Filled Vol-e-Vonts (V) 
    • Savoury Rice Salad 
    • Homemade Coleslaw (V) 
    • Mediterranean Cous Cous Salad 
    • Sausage Rolls 
    • Pork Pie & Savoury Egg Platter 
    • Gammon & Cheese Kebabs 
    • Homemade Pasta Salad 



  • Extra's

    Whole Dressed Salmon £35.00

    Cheese Board from £20.00

    Home Roast Meat Platters (Beef, Pork, Ham or Turkey) from £20.00 

    Bowls of Crusty Bread & Butter £4.00 

    Assorted Crisps & Nuts (either on buffet table or individual tables) from £5.00 


    Add Homemade Soup to your cold buffet for £1.50 per head 

    Soup & Sandwich Buffet £4.50 per head 

  • Hot Buffet Food Selection

    All of our hot food is homemade and served buffet style as a complete meal, Plates, Cutlery, Napkins and Waitress service is included. 

  • Basic Menu

    • per head £6.95

    Chicken Curry - served with boiled rice, potato wedges, naan bread, samosas and bhajees 

    Vegetarian Curry - served as above 

    Chilli Con Carne - served with boiled rice, potato wedges, garlic bread, tortillas chips and dips 

    Mixed Beans and Veggie Chilli - served as above 

    Sausage and Bean Casserole - served with potato wedges and crusty bread 

    Beef Stew - served with new potatoes, braised red cabbage, beetroot and crusty bread 

    Chicken Casserole & Dumplings - served with new potatoes braised red cabbage and crusty bread

    Veggie Casserole & Veggie Suet Dumplings - served as above  

  • Standard Menu

    • per head £7.95

    Beef Goulash - served with rice, potato wedges and salad 

    Thai Green Chicken Curry - served with rice 

    Lasagne - served with garlic bread , potato wedges and salad 

    Sausage, Mustard Mash & Onion Gravy 

    Creamy Chessy Veggie Pasta Bake - served with Garlic Bread and salad

    Creamy Chicken, Mushroom and Tarragon - served with new potatoes and veg 

    Pork, Cider & Mustard Casserole - served with new potatoes and veg 

    Roast Aubergine Parmagania - served with potato wedges, garlic bread and salad 

  • Luxury Menu

    • per head £9.95

    Luxury Fish Pie - served with potatoes and veg 

    Salmon, Haddock & Prawn Crumble - served with potatoes, veg and salad 

    Roast Dinner (served carvery style) - 2/3 meats (dependant on numbers), roast & new potatoes, cauliflower & broccoli cheese, peas, carrots, roast parsnips, yorkies, stuffing and lashings of gravy! 

    "Indoor" BBQ -  homemade burgers, sausage, spicy chicken wings, BBQ ribs, corn, potato wedges, fried onions, salad, homemade coleslaw, potato salad & pasta salad 

  • Afternoon Tea Menu

    • starting from £7.00

    Assorted sandwiches 

    Open finger rolls 



    Savoury Selection: 

    Sausage rolls 

    Mini Pasty 

    Pork Pie/Gala Pie

    Savoury Eggs


    Mini Pizza 





    Coffee & Walnut

    Pavlova (Gluten Free) 

    Victoria Sponge

    Coconut Macaroons (Gluten Free) 

    Tiffin Bites 

    Strawberry & Cream Muffins 

    Scones with Jam & Cream 

    Chocolate Cupcakes 


    Homemade Cookies 

    Lemon & Blueberry Muffin 

    Flapjack Squares 




    The amount of choices for desserts depends on the final number of guys but I would suggest approx 6 choices are a good amount.


    £7 per head served buffet style (£8 with teas, coffees and juices)  

    £8 per head served on cake stands to tables (£9 with teas, coffees and juices)